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Reclaim Studio Workshop and New online Shop for Art & Antiques

We are launching a new online shop for special 'one-off' items and specific artist collections with free shipping for items over $150 featuring South Florida Artists. Items will be authentically 'Floridian,' inspired by the beautiful colors of the tropical sky, land and sea and the pioneering spirit of Florida's special place in the American dream and gateway to the Caribbean.

The 'Reclaim Studio Workshop' project is a partnership with several 'shared work spaces' in South and Central Florida with Artisan Craftmakers working alongside selected students of merit who qualify for scholarships to assist in the design and assemblage of smaller decorative items for sale both online and in dedicated retail space.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the smaller furnishings produced in the workshop is donated to the network of homeless service providers primarily in South Florida. Each reclaimed decorative item is crafted from carefully sourced donated items.

The project is funded in part by the Broward County Commission and the Cultural Division as part of the Community Investment Program for creating apprenticeship opportunities for student artists to work alongside professionals in a field of interest.

Contact us for more information about the products or if you are an artist or collector wishing to participate in our project at @graceartsfl or

Dove Painting and Handmade Wreaths

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