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R&J [romeoandjuliet] Chapters 1 & 2

R&J is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet play. The Bard of Avon saw the genius of Arthur Brooke's poem, characters and plot. Brooke was writing a call to action to young people without role models who might lose concern for one another as their parents quarreled in the streets and violence ensued unchecked by authorities and people in position of counsel.

Does that sound like the youth of today in any way?

Grace Arts Center, Inc., a non-profit charitable arts programming venture, created this adaptation of R&J set 'in fair Miami where we lay our scene' opening at the middle of Shakespeare's play where Mercutio and Tybalt (Mac and Ty) fight one another. Romeo (Romeus) blithely stands by only becoming involved once a death has occured and another to follow - or so it seems!

That's when our protagonist first takes a stand and the storyline changes as a Narrator takes the audience back in time to the beginning of the play. Eventually, Romeus encounters Juliet (J) and the audience travels with the protagonist couple towards the surprise ending.

The Narrator speaks in 'sonnets' of spoken word with tracks created by local Dj's for each scene. This new beginning or Chapter Two (R&J too) begins this summer with the help of local playwrights and poets.

If you are a playwright or poet and would like to be involved in upcoming summer workshops with local South Florida youth as we develop the storyline for R&J Chapter too, please contact us...this story has yet to be told and is about to unfold!

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