New River Finish Teak Grey

New River Finish Teak Grey

$400.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
New River Teak Grey table corrugated 'grain' mimics a teak wood finish found so often on the decks of boats that play a major part of South Florida life. Broward County's New River is how the original pioneers and the tribes they met navigated the land. The organic chalk paint is sealed for light water cleaning.

    Grey is the result of blending of black and white; the chalk paint finish was applied by an Artist to create a rich finish and sealed for indoor use. The marquetry veneer of the red artisanal cotton paper is overlaid with an image that mimics a feather perhaps from the Tequesta tribe which left South Florida for Cuba and other parts in the early 1900's. The tomato was one of Broward County's most early, prolific crop and a source of great farming wealth but later replaced by gaming and the real estate industry. Add $75 for the marquetry inlay. 


    Your table was painstakingly made so no returns can be made but an exchange can be done for tables ordered without marquetry veneers. We pay our artists, including student artists from the local visual arts public school program, to produce each hand made table.

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