The 'Festival of Classics' is a pilot project designed to share cutting-edge art from 1600's to 1960's. What was compelling then captivates now when artists deliver a great story, connecting audiences with a visceral sense of being alive. Joseph Papp is the platform up...


The 23rd International Ballet Festival of Miami (IBFM) 2018 is a cultural gem of South Florida presenting performances and an array of other activities in various venues throughout the region featuring the best ballet, modern and contemporary companies and artists incl...


PROJECT COAT (Community of Artists Transform)

If you want to witness the power of a brush stroke and how a hand from the artist transforms people and their communities, especially in urban settings, into revitalized places, then come experience COAT aka Community of Art...


Sometimes art imitates life – or history. ‘Romeo & Juliet – La Tormenta’ explores the Florida of the 16th century re-imagining the world that Shakespeare and other artists heard about from returning travelers.

Explorers and hapless sailors shipwrecked on the shores of ‘...


What were you doing ten years ago this summer? We take a look back as we plan the next decade beginning this summer...


We are launching a new online shop for special 'one-off' items and specific artist collections with free shipping for items over $150 featuring South Florida Artists. Items will be authentically 'Floridian,' inspired by the beautiful colors of the tropical sky, land an...

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Photo Credit: Armando Colls
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