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Art Miami 2007
Collaboration Boswell Mourot
Interior ideas
Outsider Art Exhibit 2017
florian ludwig bronze sculptures and crafted jewelry
Musical acts in Gallery
Tango in the Gallery
Shakespeare's La Florida
Folkloric Dancer
Cast of Shakespeare's La Florida
Finale dance with 3-d Video
Finale Black and White
Bik ismo 2017
Christie Sciturro
Art Basel Miami Beach
Isa at Sagamore Brunch Art Basel
COAT mural, Martin Ron
Bisco at Glavovic FTL
Urban Legends photo
Collaboration with Boswell Mourot
Sculpture at Boswell Mourot
Diana Figueroa
Jessie Muino and Diana Figueroa
Highwaymen Project
Studio Plein Air Summer 2017
At Home with Art 2017
Off the beaten Path
Isa with floating red fabric
Bow, The Tempest Wynwood
Zest Collective 2017
Opening dance,Tempest 2017
Wynwood Riiko and Mariusz_edited
Award-winning Broward Library Theate
2016 unveiling of winning poster
Outsider Art Fair logo
African Woman
Family Celebration
La Mano Fria
New River Finish Aqua Blue
Courageous Chapel 2016
New River Finish Teak Grey
Zest Courageous Chapel 2016
Purvis Young art work
2006 Gallery Exhibit
Highwaymen Art Exhibit 2016
Courageous Chapel 2016
New River Inn just before sun set
JG Mueller R&J Musician
Kelvin Hair Fire Tree
2015 At Home with Art
R&J original chapter
R&J graphic
R&J Wynwood
R&J Tango Capulets
R&J Deering Estate
R&J cast bow 2014
La Mano Fria Juliet
Tango Axis performance
Planet X movie screening
Ginnunginnap Studios
The Dive 2013
Tango in the Gallery
Wynwood Walls 2017
R&J Wynwood
R&J Deering Estates
R&J Deering Estates
2012 Music Festival
R&J Wynwood
Corrugated Table
Halcyon Table Project 2016
Marjorie Stafford Wreath
Emerging and Established

ongoing exhibited local, national and international Artists

since 2005 here

' Reinterpreting the Pioneer'

 Leaders from the academic community join the conversation about how Florida's strong tradition of Outsider Artists connect art with our state's history & our distinctive culture.

Panels & presentations of visual art, archaeology, architecture/design, dance, theater, literature & more.

Schedule and Presenters

A joint project with

Fort Lauderdale Historical Society,

Broward County, City of Fort Lauderdale

 on the historic Riverwalk campus at

231 SW 2nd Avenue,

Fort Lauderdale

grace arts center
recent press
Reclaim Studio Workshop 
Featured Exhibit of sustainable tables inspired by mid-century modern design installed with marquetry veneers featured
at NeuShop October 19, 2017
Handmade Home Decor

Preview your Halcyon Table in seven beautiful colors here






Home Show October 2015-2016

Review by 'ArtfixDaily'
La Florida
Click here ' fair Miami where we lay our scene...' ticketed performances in South Florida theaters but also at historic sites, popular cafes & public places from 2014 - 2018.  
An urban adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet,' the protagonist couple survive in Chapter One. 
Chapter two opens as they leave the theater opening night & encounter an eccentric houseboat captain and his daughter... Chapter three featured Shakespeare's first romantic tragedy and his final work 'The Tempest' blended with Florida history, harrowing accounts of families lost at sea, washed ashore along many coasts from 1600's, and events of today to make modern tropical tales current & epic...


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